Artix Entertainment : Restart

by Xtr4M1nty on June 28, 2010

Check it out!

Attention Adventure Quest World Players and Warp Force Gamers, infact every Artix Entertainment fan out there.

I’ve started playing WarpForce, MechQuest and AQW again after a break lasting roughly 6 months and a bit, I only check in every now and then.

However now I started playing agian as Rhubarb333 on AQW , XtraMinty on MechQuest and Sgt. Mint on WarpForce, forgive the old alias’s as I used to play when I was known as Minty and Rhubarb333 but now if I could most characters would be known as Furry or FK Furry (My personal Gaming Alias and Clan Alias…)

I always had a passion for Artix Entertainment games as they are quality and probably the best web RPGs around. So being me I decided to blog about them again. Which means that you’ll be getting pwnage guides, tips and reviews about the latest Artix Entertainment releases.

So, see you on the upgrade servers ;)




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Idouken: A Warhammer 40k Short

by Xtr4M1nty on April 27, 2010

“Lord Idouken, there appears to be an Imperial Ship in the area. Via hacking the vox of the ship my team have determined that there is an Imperial VIP onboard the ship.” whispered the shady figure in Tactical Dreadnought armour.

“Have my retinue ready and armed, Wolfkin” replied Lord Idouken

“Sir.” whispered Wolfkin as he bowed and left the command hall. The hall is a dark eerie area in which Idouken makes all of his decisions.  In the far corner is a well-guarded vault, which held all of Idouken’s armaments and armour, it’s a personal armoury, if you like. As Idouken surveyed his office he smiled as he noticed the dark mist-like aura of the room, the odd angles of the building and of the walls which always looked alive. Only a fool would speak in here of something he did not wish anyone to hear, the walls are always listening, searching for some dark secrets to feed upon.

Wolfkin hurried into the barracks of the Dark Hand, his brotherhood and Lord Idouken’s personal guard. There already armed and prepared stood the tall dark figures of the squad, Varren “Reaper”", Rolith “Fear” and Felice “Darkfist”. As Darrius “Wolfkin” joined their ranks Idouken shouted down the vox at his team.

“Are you ready?”

“Sir!” The whole team replied as one.

“Good. Meet me at the Tele-Pad for a briefing and quick preperation.” Idouken casually replied as he strode towards the Tele-Pad at the rear of his ship the “Excruciatis Maledictus III” a small chaos warped vessel he smiled at the thought of the Daemons infested in his ship, the Dark Gods

As the team arrived at the Tele-Pad their Lord was waiting and ready. Proud of the kills they had all of the team were covered in blood vows and grisly trophies of their triumphs.

As the team arrived in the Imperial Cruiser “Heart Of The Sun” the team seemed eager to kill the Astartes on board, the Sun Killers were a noble and pompous chapter. Making the renegade Astarte’s even more bloodthirsty.

Idouken thought of the blood he would spill in the name of his glorified Legion “Maledictus“. The first combat of the night was taken on by Darkfist as he veered off down a back corridor scanned to be the fastest route to the barracks. On his way he came upon a startled chapter serf whom he simply smashed through the wall…

Wolfkin’s first kills came shortly after when he decapitated three Astartes with a swipe of his claws. Another pair rushed towards him only to be torn to pieces by his Daemon-fueled spirit Wolf-shan. The Astartes were unprepared for such a brutal and violent attack. all un-armed and startled they were simply torn to bits. Soon there were no more than the honour guard and Astartes leaders left holed up in the bridge.

Idouken arrived at the blast doors to the bridge. Combi-Melta in hand he waited for his comrades. They all arrived except Wolfkin, but when they all heard the sounds of fire and screams from within the bridgethey guessed where he was.

Idouken was filled with rage at the youngster stealing his glory as he burst into the main hall…

To Be Continued!

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FallenSword MMORPG Review

April 26, 2010

Fallen Sword is a MMORPG, Free to play with payed elements used to upgrade your character which can also be gained by enlisting players into the game using special links like the one above.
Fallen Sword is created by the same studio as SigmaStorm2, Hunted Cow Studios. A great studio, friendly staff and great games come [...]

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Sigmastorm II/2 – Free Online Browser MMORPG Review

April 26, 2010

Sigmastorm 2, a free browser MMORPG. Text based with graphic elements.
With an In-Depth level-up and Skills system RPG fans will be at home. New players to the RPG scene will also find the RPG elements easy to use, meaning both old and new players will be comfortable in the world of Sigma.
With 4 skill-trees to [...]

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Great Things To Come: DLC Madness!

April 21, 2010

The gaming scene is flooded with new DLC confirmations, for a wide spectrum of games.
Firstly we have the following announcement for Metro 2033 the post-apocalyptic horror FPS (How many are there these days?) from 4A and THQ. The new DLC is apparently something new and exciting, don’t hope for multiplayer though, because it’s not… Hopefully [...]

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Warhammer Conflict Scotland – Braehead Curling Rink

April 21, 2010

Calling all Wargamers!
Conflict is the biggest and best gaming event in Europe outside of Gamesday. Spanning the whole of Braehead Curling Rink, pretty epic scale. With Graham McNeil, Bodge It stalls, a huge doubles tournament and Forgeworld there’s something for everyone.
So there Me and Martin were, at a phenomenally early time in Games Workshop, Livingston. Getting ready [...]

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Game Studio 2010 – Edinburgh Science Festival

April 20, 2010

Hey guys! How’s it going?
I haven’t blogged anything interesting for too long, expect loads of cool stuff over the next week or so, and throughout my summer adventure.
So to get back to the point, I’m here to talk about my recent adventure in Stevenson College, Edinburgh.
A 2-Day gaming event, organised by the Edinburgh Science Festival, [...]

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Warhammer 40k Graduated :D

March 22, 2010

This sunday I passed my 40k academy, 10 weeks of large objective based games to learn the rules, I was against Wayne who is pretty skilled, which is natural giving hes a Games Workshop employee.
We played roughly 1000pts worth of Space Wolves (Me) against Orks (Wayne).
Using a Battle Missions scenario, which I can’t remember the [...]

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My time in Frames Wheels and Gears

March 22, 2010

Frames Wheels and Gears is Whitburns local bikeshop, run by Steve Frame (How awesome is hat for a name as a bike mechanic!)
I go there every Tuesday or two for some work experience as a bike mechanic, which is good fun I like the kind of work involved in the bikeshop business,  the poeple side of [...]

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Ip Man film review

February 3, 2010

Ip Man is a film about the life of Ip Man, the legendary martial artist who trained Bruce-Lee amongst others.
Film Info:

Produced by
Raymond Wong

Written by
Edmond Wong

Donnie Yen
Simon Yam
Lynn Hung
Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
Lam Ka-Tung

Donnie, has done a fantastic job of playing Ip, considering he wasn’t a Martial Artist before he began making the film. In some of the DvD [...]

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